Special Thanks for the Extra Help Along the Way

On any expedition there are the team members out on trail bracing against the elements and challenges, but there are many others behind the scenes that make that possible. Our team support grew the further we went. Volunteers brought food and offered educational and social media support, even sponsoring our fuel and the use of the logistics vehicle aka ‘Millennium Falcon’, tubes for bikes that had seen one too many punctures, or hot showers at the end of a long day. We were humbled by the support. You all know who you are, and together you helped make this awareness campaign and expedition a success. Thank you.

Below is list of some individuals and companies for a special shout-out from our Logistics Tzar, Michelle!


1 helpSunnyside Sports Cycling & Nordic Skiing

930 NW Newport Ave

Bend, OR 97701





Owner – Susan Bonacker

Mechanic who majorly helped us – Marty Brown




2 helpDick’s Bikes & Repair


2815 E St, Baker City, OR 97814

(541) 523-7632

(Fixed Rachael’s bike for free)







1 helpMarilyn’s Music

Baker City, OR

(Hooked me up w/free water when no ones else would in town & sold us ukuleles)