• Encounter: Todd Nash, Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

    Encounter: Todd Nash, Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

    We met Todd for a hearty breakfast at the Cheyenne Cafe in Joseph, OR. He moved to Wallowa County at a young age from California, where his father worked at UC Davis. Ever since raising his first calf as a kid, Todd knew he wanted to be a cowboy. He worked on other’s ranches, and […]
  • Encounter: Joe Whittle

    Encounter: Joe Whittle

    Joe Whittle, resident of Enterprise, Oregon, joined the team for a hike into the Imnaha River basin before we began our expedition into the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Joe is a local adventure guide, photographer, and seasonal forest service ranger and knowledgeable about many things related to wolves and Wallowa County. We loved our afternoon spent with him […]
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