• Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    The Wolf OR-7 Expedition team retraced Wolf OR-7’s dispersal route from NE Oregon into California to explore the challenges facing a wolf in the 21st century. As part of the team, I walked and cycled across mountain wilderness, public rangelands and busy highways and wondered how the region has changed since my great, great grandfather […]
  • Special Thanks for the Extra Help Along the Way

    Special Thanks for the Extra Help Along the Way

    On any expedition there are the team members out on trail bracing against the elements and challenges, but there are many others behind the scenes that make that possible. Our team support grew the further we went. Volunteers brought food and offered educational and social media support, even sponsoring our fuel and the use of the logistics […]
  • Encounter: Mac and Karin

    Encounter: Mac and Karin

    Mac and Karin donated their time and resources to support the expedition. Two life-long students of the natural world, this retired couple splits their time between the deserts of southern California and the rain soaked British Columbia coast and met David Moskowitz through their interest in wildlife tracking. Along with logistical support they blessed our […]
  • Base Camp: Northwest Outward Bound

    Base Camp: Northwest Outward Bound

    “The truth is that in one important sense, adventure, however much it may be concerned with physical conflict and danger, is really of the mind. What is an adventure to some, may be, to others of more prosaic nature, an ordeal, or an imposition, or a nuisance, or a calamity, or even simply a bore. […]
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