• Encounter: Hans, Bike Maestro

    Encounter: Hans, Bike Maestro

    Hans is our Bike Maestro volunteer with a lifetime of bike touring and adventures under his belt and many years of involvement with the bicycle advocacy across the USA, including serving as the former Board Chair for the League of American Bicyclists. His invaluable support comes in a myriad of ways and we are excited to have […]
  • Of Mosquitoes and Men

    Of Mosquitoes and Men

    “The most spectacular trait of wolves, however, is the most controversial: like man himself, wolves must sacrifice other creatures in order that they themselves might survive.” – L. David Mech, “The Wolf” In the face of a full-scale mosquito assault, my strongest defense wasn’t the additional shirt hastily tied around my head or the mud […]
  • Encounter: Mosquito madness on the Pacific Crest Trail (VIDEO)

    Encounter: Mosquito madness on the Pacific Crest Trail (VIDEO)

    Moments like this make you question why mosquitos exist. Or why in these modern days, we allow them to exist. It was an interesting reflection considering that we are on an expedition centered around the story of another animal sometimes equally despised. And while the arguments in defense of mosquitos may be few, they may […]
  • Encounter: Mac and Karin

    Encounter: Mac and Karin

    Mac and Karin donated their time and resources to support the expedition. Two life-long students of the natural world, this retired couple splits their time between the deserts of southern California and the rain soaked British Columbia coast and met David Moskowitz through their interest in wildlife tracking. Along with logistical support they blessed our […]
  • Encounter: Lee and Peggie

    Encounter: Lee and Peggie

    Lee is a lifelong cowboy with a long family history in Oregon. He raises Kobe Beef and also farms hay outside of Sisters, Oregon. Our team met up with Lee at a presentation about “Wolves in the Land of Samon“ by David Moskowitz. Our brief conversation after the event made us eager to hear more […]
  • Encounter: Peter, the writer/podcaster

    Encounter: Peter, the writer/podcaster

    Peter, a bike enthusiast and freelance journalist, approached our expedition team excited to pen an article and record some materials for his podcast. Conversations with him and our team have been fascinating and diverse – from de-extinction to trophic cascades. He has certainly been doing his homework researching this story and we’ve enjoyed having him […]
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