Here’s why we love our sponsors:

1. Without sponsors many important and inspiring expeditions would not happen.

Osprey-with-view-of-Mount-McLoughlin2. A sponsor not only provides vital funding and equipment, but also a network of support, encouragement and good advice.

3. Sponsorship is a way for companies, individuals and foundations to give back to places and people that make their work profitable in the first place.

4. Sponsors extend the size of the community that is directly involved and spreads the costs and the risk of an adventure beyond an immediate community.

Kind-Bar-in-hand5. Everyone needs to eat and have some shelter (even if its a really good tent), to do their work in the world, sponsorship helps make adventures that may not have immediate commercial value possible.

6. Sponsorship is a two-way relationship and although sometimes short term, the longer and stronger the relationship more good and more adventure can be done in the world.

7. In our case sponsorship means that one unique wolf’s ordinary story of being just a wolf can continue to be told in an adventurous way.


Thanks guys, you know who you are and those of you who have brands and have contributed in-kind here is a roll call:
Sculpt the Future Foundation
Osprey Packs
Kind Snacks
The Traffic Sign Co.