Wolf OR-7 Expedition Documentary


Follow six adventurers as they retrace the route taken by a GPS-collared Oregon wolf to explore human and wolf coexistence. Meet the people along Wolf OR-7’s route who are learning to adapt to the return of wolves.

The Wolf OR-7 expedition team undertook to retrace, by bicycle and on foot, the approximate route taken by the GPS-collared wolf called OR-7. The wolf was born in NE Oregon and in 2011 left his pack and dispersed south to find new territory. He became the first known wolf in California in 90 years, and he is still out there…


International Wildlife Film Festival, 2016.


More information will be provided soon.


Total run time: 1hr 23min

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Director & Camera

Daniel Byers


Peter Lee

Assistant Editor

Emily Jawadekar


Xavery Robin

Sound Master

Andrew Munsey

Additional Camera

Jeff Greenwood / We Media Project

David Moskowitz

Galeo Saintz

David De Rothschild

Jay Simpson


Joey Brunelle

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Xplore and Sculpt the Future Foundation

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Montbell and Osprey

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KIND, Northwest Outward Bound School, Methow Cycle & Sport, Kona Bikes, Western Environmental Law Center, Barking Mad Bed & Breakfast, Bikes for Humanity PDX, We Media Project, and The Traffic Sign Co.

Endorsing and Organizational Supporters:

Pacific Wolf Coalition, Oregon Wild, Wildlands Network, Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, 50 Years of Wilderness Act, CyberTracker, The Wilderness Society,
California Wolf Coalition, Center for Biological Diversity, Western Environmental Law Center, and Great Old Broads for Wilderness.

Volunteer Specialists:

Hans van Naerssen
Bike Maestro

Jaimes Valdez
All-Things-Mechanical Adviser

Mac and Karin
Levi Old
Hiromi and Aaron Head

Logistic Support

Kimberly Shelton, Jill Cooper, Levi Old, Trevor Ose and Byron Rott
Research Support

Lisa Kosglow, Jocelyn Atkins, Rebecca Pelton
Education Support

Jeanne Goshe
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by Origamibiro

“Inspirational Piano Arpeggios”
by Marco Zannone

“Together in the Empty”
by Dexter Britain

“Epic Cinematic Piano”
by Josh Kramer

“In My Head”
by Stephan Lindsjo

“In the Electric Fields”
by Dexter Britain

“Sad Time”
by Nature Dream

“Ancient Dream”
by Steven Yee

“Epic Background”
by Josh Kramer

“Going Under”
by Dexter Britain

“Seeing the Future”
by Dexter Britain

“Telling Stories”
by Dexter Britain

“Twilight Grandeur”
by Podington Bear

“Woman Girl Mother”
by Alexandre Klinke

“Running Through Tunnels”
by Dexter Britain

“The War in My Head”
by Dexter Britain

“Dancing in Summer”
by One Hum

“The Tea Party”
by Dexter Britain

“Stalking Wolf”
by Luke Gartner-Brereton

“From Truth”
by Dexter Britain

“Red in Black”
by Kosta T

by Peter Rudenko

“Old Strange”
by Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn

“Indie Folk Roads”
by Hakan Eriksson

“Losing Love”
by Dexter Britain

Special Thanks:

Audio news clips from Southern California Public Radio / KPCC ©(p) 2012 and 2014. SCPR.org.
Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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