Behind the Scenes

  • Wolf OR-7 Map Art Sneak Peek

    Wolf OR-7 Map Art Sneak Peek

    Here is a sneak peek of our map depicting Wolf OR-7’s dispersal, as drawn by California-based artist Emma Munger. In this sample, we have an illustration depicting how Wolf OR-7’s collar functions, logging periodic reports of his location and then transmitting the data to satellites. We are excited to see the map coming together after […]
  • Common Ground

    Common Ground

    Our expedition set out to explore wolf country from Wallowa County to Lassen County on Wolf OR-7’s heels with our own two feet. We were duly warned that the subject of wolves in the Northwest is so polarized that both anti-wolf and pro-wolf camps have received offensive threats from the other. We questioned our own […]
  • Gravel


    Not all gravel is the same. Cycling 50 miles a day on backcountry gravel roads gives one a taste of the diversity of gravel. Road geology changes as frequently as spring weather in the northwest, and gravel comes in all shades of gray, rusted orange, cinnamon and even purple. There’s the fishtailing in sand type […]
  • Behind the Scenes

    Behind the Scenes

    Welcome to the inner workings of the ‘Millenium Falcon’—our home away from home, pantry, bike repair shop, and press room. Most nights with road access, you’ll find Daniel and I downloading and editing video/photos from the day along side of other team members trying to help deliver blog posts. It gets crowded, but we’ve got […]
  • Base Camp: Northwest Outward Bound

    Base Camp: Northwest Outward Bound

    “The truth is that in one important sense, adventure, however much it may be concerned with physical conflict and danger, is really of the mind. What is an adventure to some, may be, to others of more prosaic nature, an ordeal, or an imposition, or a nuisance, or a calamity, or even simply a bore. […]
  • Maps maps maps! Triple checking our route

    Maps maps maps! Triple checking our route

    We have fourteen maps between us (not including Google Earth!) to check that all our information is locked down. Road construction, snow closures, property restrictions, food resupplies, bike swaps, and interview spots — all of which determine our route and pacing of our movements. There’s a lot of information to wrap our heads around and make sure all the ducks […]
  • Last week of preparations for OR-7 Team

    Last week of preparations for OR-7 Team

    Over the last few days our team has put final touches to our website, fitted electrical power to the support van ( thanks Jaimes and Hans ), made last minute purchases of gear, while David took delivery of our bikes from our supporters at Methow Cycles. Tomorrow the whole team meets up at out pre-expedition […]
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