Base Camp: Northwest Outward Bound

“The truth is that in one important sense, adventure, however much it may be concerned with physical conflict and danger, is really of the mind. What is an adventure to some, may be, to others of more prosaic nature, an ordeal, or an imposition, or a nuisance, or a calamity, or even simply a bore. For just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, adventure is in the mind and spirit of the adventurer. It is not risks and desperate situations that make adventure, so much as adventurousness.

It makes more sense, therefore, to consider the spirit of adventure, rather than adventure. What is so valuable and formative in an adventure is the commitment it invariably calls for in one way or another. There is always, somewhere, a point of girding up one’s loins, taking a deep breath, and making a step into the unknown involving a giving of oneself, a spending of oneself.”

— Tom Price, Warden, Eskdale Outward Bound School

Today we left our base camp at Northwest Outward Bound School and headed for the mountains of Wallowa County. In true Outward Bound fashion, we were given a send off ceremony for a moment of shared reflection in the face of the adventure ahead of us. Above was the quote recited for our departure.

We send our deepest thanks to those at Northwest Outward Bound for their great packing kitchen, beautiful camp, inspiring staff, and awesome support!