The Wolf OR-7 Expedition team retraced by bicycle and on foot the approximate route taken by a GPS - collared wolf called Wolf OR-7. The wolf was born in NE Oregon and in 2011 left his pack and dispersed South to find new territory. He became the first known wolf in California in nearly 90 years, and he is still out there...

Follow six adventurers as they retrace the route taken by a GPS-collared Oregon wolf. Their mission is to explore human-wolf coexistence and meet the people along Wolf OR-7's route who now find themselves in wolf country.


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Our generous sponsors Xplore and Sculpt the Future Foundation, as well as the kickstarter community, have helped make this expedition possible. Corporate, Non-Profit and Private Donations can help us further to fund presentations in schools and communities to help spread the word for wolf coexistence.

Q: How can we find out where female wolf, and potential mate of Wolf OR-7, came from?

Have questions? Submit them and we'll try to find an answer! Our quest across Oregon and Northern California is about asking questions — take a few minutes to think of your own and share them at our Education page or via social media.
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Wild Peace and Coexistence

As a Wild Peace Alliance project we encourage collaboration between all community members living with the challenges of human-wildlife coexistence. We will be asking ourselves and communities what can human-wolf coexistence look like?

Education with Adventure

We are producing a documentary film, multimedia content and hosting storytelling events to help us all understand wolves better. We are all learning on this adventure and invite you to submit your questions about wolf-human coexistence and engage with us.

Tracking and Research

We will use our experience as ecologists and wildlife trackers to conduct a rough biological survey of wildlife and wildlife habitat along Wolf OR-7’s travel route as we go, using CyberTracker software, we will create a multimedia digital map of the wildlife tracks we encounter.

Celebrate Collaboration

Ask for opinions on wolves in wolf country and you will hear everything between "this is no place for wolves" to "this is no place for humans." Oregon has shown us that by including a diversity of views at the table collaborative management plans can be effective.
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