Wolf Pups!

The news that Wolf OR-7 is the father of the first wolf pack in southern Oregon in over 60 years, to me speaks to the very real possibility that within my lifetime we may see wolves as far west as the Pacific Coast.

My hope is that Wolf OR-7’s new pack may spark conversations about what tools and resources are now available to coexist in the 21st century, especially in communities most likely to be impacted by an additional carnivore, such as agricultural and recreational wilderness areas.


  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has 2 full-time, very knowledgeable wolf biologists with years of experience now working with wolves in Oregon. They are happy to answer your questions, but check out their FAQ first:

ODFW Frequently Asked Questions About Wolves

  • Defenders of Wildlife works with livestock producers to develop innovative, nonlethal tools to reduce conflicts between livestock and wolves:

Helping Ranchers Coexist with Wolves


Image: Wolf OR-7’s pups – Image from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife