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We are not just rock climbers and mountain bike enthusiasts, we are creative storytellers, educators, writers, and filmmakers.

Rachael Pecore-Valdez

Rachael Pecore-Valdez

Storyteller & Educator

A proud Oregonian, Rachael has been swimming, fishing and walking around rural Oregon all her life. Rachael studied natural resources at OSU and brings nearly a decade of experience in outdoor education and coordinating volunteers for Oregon nonprofits.

As a recent graduate of the International School of Storytelling in England, she looks forward to sharing stories around the campfire of both the ‘big bad wolf’ and his lesser known brother, the ‘great good wolf.’


David Moskowitz

David Moskowitz

Wolf Specialist & Ecologist

David Moskowitz is a professional wildlife tracker, photographer, and outdoor educator. He has contributed his technical expertise to a wide variety of wildlife studies, focusing on using tracking and other non-invasive methods to study wildlife ecology and promote conservation.

David helped establish the Cascade Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project, a citizen science effort to search for and monitor rare and sensitive wildlife in the Cascades and other Northwest wildlands. He is the author of Wolves in the Land of Salmon which explores the unique ecology and conservation issues relating to wolves and wildlands in the Pacific Northwest.


Daniel Byers

Daniel Byers

Expedition Filmmaker

An expedition filmmaker and environmental activist trained in Screenwriting at Brown University. Daniel has directed and shot over a dozen expedition films, with projects ranging from the destruction of the Honduran rainforest to unstable glacial lakes in the Everest region, to preservation of Polynesian ruin sites, to Snow Leopards in Afghanistan. He has worked for National Geographic, USAID, the UK Guardian.


Jay Simpson

Jay Simpson

Multimedia Documentary Producer

As a National Geographic Young Explorer, Jay was included in NatGeo’s Best Explorer Moments of 2012 for his “Rim of Africa Multimedia Trail Journal,” a locally informed, interactive resource designed to educate South African youth on the Cape Floristic Region and conservation through the story of creating Africa’s first Mega-Trail.

Trained in filmmaking and anthropology, Jay has worked on many non-profit and media awareness projects focused around Women’s Rights in Afghanistan, malnutrition in Rwanda, HIV/AIDS, and collaborative media production.


Galeo Saintz

Galeo Saintz

Conservation Adventurer & Wild Peace Advocate

Galeo Saintz is a conservation adventurer, a professional speaker, a mountain wilderness guide and conservation ecologist.

Galeo is founder of the Wild Peace Alliance. A founding member of numerous conservation NGOs including the biodiversity corridor initiative Eden to Addo and the mountain conservation trail Rim of Africa. He brings his experience in conceptualising and leading conservation-linked expeditions and teams, such as the recent Rhino Reality Expedition he undertook with colleagues to highlight the plight of rhino in Africa.

Galeo is currently chairman of the World Trails Network Committee an international initiative linking the world’s leading hiking and walking trails.


Michelle van Naerssen

Michelle van Naerssen

Educator & Logistics Tzar

Since 2001, Michelle has led and developed outdoor education programs across the US. She is a wildlife tracking educator and Cybertracker International-certified wildlife tracker. A natural community builder, she also brings ingenuity from her work in the marine, construction, and wilderness survival trades. At Wesleyan University, she studied human ecology, and has contributed to research on wolves, eels, and an array of oceanographic sciences. She currently coordinates and instructs with the Wilderness Awareness School in Cascadia, WA.


Hans van Naerssen

Bike Maestro

Jaimes Valdez

All-Things-Mechanical Adviser

Mac and Karin

Logistic Support

Kimberly Shelton, Kimberly Shelton, Jill Cooper, Adam Martin, Levi Old, Trevor Ose and Byron Rott

Research Support

Lisa Kosglow, Jocelyn Atkins, Rebecca Pelton

Education Outreach and Inreach

Jeanne Goshe

Social Media Wizard

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