• Wolf OR-7 Expedition Documentary Film Now Free on YouTube

    Public release of the documentary film Wolf OR-7 Expedition serves as a timely example of political dialogue and compromise
  • Wolf OR-7 Story Map

    Wolf OR-7 Story Map

    We’ve illustrated a map of Wolf OR-7’s generalized dispersal to depict the remarkable story of an actual wolf living in the 21st Century. Alongside the illustrated map, we’ve included details about his life and relatives, the history of wolves in the USA, basic wolf ecology, and more. We illustrated the map with schools in mind. If you know of […]
  • Wolf OR-7 Map Art Sneak Peek

    Wolf OR-7 Map Art Sneak Peek

    Here is a sneak peek of our map depicting Wolf OR-7’s dispersal, as drawn by California-based artist Emma Munger. In this sample, we have an illustration depicting how Wolf OR-7’s collar functions, logging periodic reports of his location and then transmitting the data to satellites. We are excited to see the map coming together after […]
  • Video Time Lapse: 1,200 miles in the footsteps of Oregon’s famous Wolf OR-7

    Before watching this video, take a moment to think about Wolf OR-7′s 2011 dispersal across Oregon and Northern California. In your mind, what do you see? Do you think of a map, maybe with lines or data on it? For most people following the story of Wolf OR-7 around the world, maps like the one […]
  • Wolf OR-7 News Roundup: New GPS Tracking Collar, Genetic Test Results, & Pack Designation

    Wolf OR-7 News Roundup: New GPS Tracking Collar, Genetic Test Results, & Pack Designation

    New information about Wolf OR-7 and his growing family of wolves have continued to create headlines throughout the end of this summer. Here's a roundup of recent articles and updates as we prepare for autumn and the coming winter.
  • Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    The Wolf OR-7 Expedition team retraced Wolf OR-7’s dispersal route from NE Oregon into California to explore the challenges facing a wolf in the 21st century. As part of the team, I walked and cycled across mountain wilderness, public rangelands and busy highways and wondered how the region has changed since my great, great grandfather […]
  • Common Ground

    Common Ground

    Our expedition set out to explore wolf country from Wallowa County to Lassen County on Wolf OR-7’s heels with our own two feet. We were duly warned that the subject of wolves in the Northwest is so polarized that both anti-wolf and pro-wolf camps have received offensive threats from the other. We questioned our own […]
  • To Walk in the Wake of a Wolf – Poem

    To Walk in the Wake of a Wolf – Poem

    I wrote this just before crossing the California border back into Oregon again. It is dedicated to my team members: Rachael, David, Daniel, Jay, Michelle, and Wolf OR-7. To walk in the wake of a wolf is to walk into the silence of stealth and the feast of fearlessness, it is to fight for yourself and […]
  • Meeting the Pacific Wolf Coalition

    Meeting the Pacific Wolf Coalition

    Devil’s Gate Ranch is a different kind of ranch in California encompassing Orr Mountain where it is believed Wolf OR-7 crossed on his way back to the border with Oregon, owned by Loch Jones and Sara Rose-Jones, whose history with the land stretches back many generations.. Today they are exploring how to support both cattle […]
  • Lassen County and the Sojourns of Wolf OR-7

    Lassen County and the Sojourns of Wolf OR-7

    For a number of months in 2012 Wolf OR-7 called the open fields and lava beds of Lassen County home. During his stay he moved extensively amongst cow fields and forest cover, drawing huge circles on the map that tracked his GPS position. We entered Lassen County on a hot Sunday afternoon, cycling through small […]
  • Bordering Home

    Bordering Home

    Riding west towards Iron Gate Reservoir on the Klamath River along the CA / OR border, Dave Moskowitz stopped us mid-track and asked which side of the border we thought we were on. I really couldn’t say, there was no difference between the dry oak savannah to the South and the dry oak savannah to […]
  • Rollercoaster of Smells (AUDIO)

    Rollercoaster of Smells (AUDIO)

    A brief profile of smells as told by a human along the route of Wolf OR-7. Cycling and walking from high elevation fir forests, down through dense pines packed with spring flowers and further down into sagebrush deserts affords a rich palette of smells, even for the dinky human nose as compared to a wolf’s […]
  • Of Mosquitoes and Men

    Of Mosquitoes and Men

    “The most spectacular trait of wolves, however, is the most controversial: like man himself, wolves must sacrifice other creatures in order that they themselves might survive.” – L. David Mech, “The Wolf” In the face of a full-scale mosquito assault, my strongest defense wasn’t the additional shirt hastily tied around my head or the mud […]
  • Standing on Lone Wolf Mountain

    Standing on Lone Wolf Mountain

    Every expedition has a defining moment, be it for the team, the expedition mission or the individual team member. Today I stood on a mountain peak called Lone Wolf – it was my personal defining moment of this expedition into the journey of Wolf OR-7. The walk from our previous night’s camp, beside a small […]
  • Gravel


    Not all gravel is the same. Cycling 50 miles a day on backcountry gravel roads gives one a taste of the diversity of gravel. Road geology changes as frequently as spring weather in the northwest, and gravel comes in all shades of gray, rusted orange, cinnamon and even purple. There’s the fishtailing in sand type […]
  • Wolf Country

    Wolf Country

    It has been two weeks (forever) since we saw wolf tracks in the snow of the Wallowa Mountains. From that point onward, part of me has lamented every mile walked and bicycled as they took us further and further from any known area of wolf activity. Here we are, a wolf expedition quickly moving away […]
  • Wolf Pups!

    Wolf Pups!

    The news that Wolf OR-7 is the father of the first wolf pack in southern Oregon in over 60 years, to me speaks to the very real possibility that within my lifetime we may see wolves as far west as the Pacific Coast. My hope is that Wolf OR-7’s new pack may spark conversations about […]
  • It All Began with a Collar

    It All Began with a Collar

    Our expedition, and all that we know about Wolf OR-7, stems from the GPS collar that Wolf OR-7 was fitted with one cold day in February of 2011. The day was 13 below zero, recounts Russ Morgan, the Wolf Program Coordinator for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) in an interview with the Wolf […]
  • Wolf OR-7 may have a mate — is Southern Oregon ready for a wolf pair?

    Wolf OR-7 may have a mate — is Southern Oregon ready for a wolf pair?

    As our team was coming into camp today, we heard the news from ODFW about photos and GPS data indicating that Wolf OR-7 may have a mate. This news coincides with the start of our Expedition which kicks off this week. We’re currently wondering: What does a breeding pair of wolves mean to Southern Oregon? Where did […]
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