• Wolf OR-7 Story Map

    Wolf OR-7 Story Map

    We’ve illustrated a map of Wolf OR-7’s generalized dispersal to depict the remarkable story of an actual wolf living in the 21st Century. Alongside the illustrated map, we’ve included details about his life and relatives, the history of wolves in the USA, basic wolf ecology, and more. We illustrated the map with schools in mind. If you know of […]
  • Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    The Wolf OR-7 Expedition team retraced Wolf OR-7’s dispersal route from NE Oregon into California to explore the challenges facing a wolf in the 21st century. As part of the team, I walked and cycled across mountain wilderness, public rangelands and busy highways and wondered how the region has changed since my great, great grandfather […]
  • Maps maps maps! Triple checking our route

    Maps maps maps! Triple checking our route

    We have fourteen maps between us (not including Google Earth!) to check that all our information is locked down. Road construction, snow closures, property restrictions, food resupplies, bike swaps, and interview spots — all of which determine our route and pacing of our movements. There’s a lot of information to wrap our heads around and make sure all the ducks […]
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