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  • Wolf OR-7 Story Map

    Wolf OR-7 Story Map

    We’ve illustrated a map of Wolf OR-7’s generalized dispersal to depict the remarkable story of an actual wolf living in the 21st Century. Alongside the illustrated map, we’ve included details about his life and relatives, the history of wolves in the USA, basic wolf ecology, and more. We illustrated the map with schools in mind. If you know of […]
  • Jon Young on Education and Nature Connection for the Wolf OR-7 Expedition

    Jon Young on Education and Nature Connection for the Wolf OR-7 Expedition

    Surrounded by wild nature, it doesn’t take long for something to shift inside me. It’s as if the cares of society become hushed, and my senses expand into the present moment. It feels good, and it’s addictive. It’s why despite mosquitoes, rattlesnakes, or freezing temperatures I return time after time to camp, sit or walk […]
  • Wolf Pups!

    Wolf Pups!

    The news that Wolf OR-7 is the father of the first wolf pack in southern Oregon in over 60 years, to me speaks to the very real possibility that within my lifetime we may see wolves as far west as the Pacific Coast. My hope is that Wolf OR-7’s new pack may spark conversations about […]
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