• Another Wolf Disperses to California, Says CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

    Another Wolf Disperses to California, Says CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

    Over three years after Wolf OR-7 made history as the first known, wild wolf to enter California since 1924, California Department of Fish and Wildlife have stated they have evidence that another wolf may have dispersed to California’s Siskiyou County. Their statement relies on evidence from trail cameras and tracks found on a roadside. The […]
  • Wolf OR-7 Story Map

    Wolf OR-7 Story Map

    We’ve illustrated a map of Wolf OR-7’s generalized dispersal to depict the remarkable story of an actual wolf living in the 21st Century. Alongside the illustrated map, we’ve included details about his life and relatives, the history of wolves in the USA, basic wolf ecology, and more. We illustrated the map with schools in mind. If you know of […]
  • Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    The Wolf OR-7 Expedition team retraced Wolf OR-7’s dispersal route from NE Oregon into California to explore the challenges facing a wolf in the 21st century. As part of the team, I walked and cycled across mountain wilderness, public rangelands and busy highways and wondered how the region has changed since my great, great grandfather […]
  • Encounter: Loch Jones & Sarah Rose

    Encounter: Loch Jones & Sarah Rose

    Loch and Sarah generously hosted a gathering for our team and the Pacific Wolf Coalition on their beautiful Devil’s Gate Ranch in Siskiyou County, California. We were very fortunate to have connected with them. Wolf OR-7 likely crossed right through Loch and Sarah’s ranch along Butte Creek, which prompted Loch to begin researching what wolf recovery could […]
  • Lassen County and the Sojourns of Wolf OR-7

    Lassen County and the Sojourns of Wolf OR-7

    For a number of months in 2012 Wolf OR-7 called the open fields and lava beds of Lassen County home. During his stay he moved extensively amongst cow fields and forest cover, drawing huge circles on the map that tracked his GPS position. We entered Lassen County on a hot Sunday afternoon, cycling through small […]
  • Bordering Home

    Bordering Home

    Riding west towards Iron Gate Reservoir on the Klamath River along the CA / OR border, Dave Moskowitz stopped us mid-track and asked which side of the border we thought we were on. I really couldn’t say, there was no difference between the dry oak savannah to the South and the dry oak savannah to […]
  • Meiss Lake (Panorama)

    Meiss Lake (Panorama)

    The bed of Meiss Lake stretches before us—transformed to a dry grass plane in the parched summer heat. Across this ocean of grass we drift, dreaming of wolves, chasing our tails back round towards Oregon and our journey’s end.
  • Wolf Country

    Wolf Country

    It has been two weeks (forever) since we saw wolf tracks in the snow of the Wallowa Mountains. From that point onward, part of me has lamented every mile walked and bicycled as they took us further and further from any known area of wolf activity. Here we are, a wolf expedition quickly moving away […]
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