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We seek in-kind contributions and donations from Corporate, Non-Profit, and Private Donors.

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  • Company Sponsor
    You are a well known brand and support the cause and know you can get marketing milage out of being part of this expedition.

    • Brand on website.
    • Company mentioned in press releases.
    • Special presentation after the expedition to company employees (motivational talk).
    • Branded gear worn by expedition members.
  • Non-Govt. Organization
    You are an active NGO and you are looking for an inspiring campaign to further get your message across. Join us in forming the message, and help fund the education component or documentary of the expedition.

    • Brand on website.
    • Partner mentioned in press releases.
    • Special presentation after the expedition to staff and supporters.
    • Logo on gear worn by expedition members.
  • Private Donor / Philanthropist
    You are passionate about nature conservation and believe innovative and inspiring approaches to education and action are an important tool in furthering conservation ends. You can write a big check (and get to join us on a section of the journey for a number of days), or you can donate as you see fit and we will ensure you are acknowledged accordingly.

    • If donation exceeds $ 10 000, private donor gets to spend one week walking with the expedition team.
    • Special mention on website under donors.
    • The feel-good factor of helping make an awesome expedition happen, and knowing a story worth telling will continue to be told.

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