Expedition Bikes


What we’re offering:

    • Great Exposure in the Pacific Northwest, USA and Internationally.
    • Branded gear (bikes, helmets, etc) used during expedition.
    • Multimedia content to share on social media sites
    • Supporter logo on homepage
    • Expedition Bikes page, with information on provided gear

What we need:

    • 7 bikes for paved and gravel road
    • 6 panier sets
    • 7 mud flaps
    • 7 Compatible racks or trailer
    • 5-7 bike lights
    • >5 hydration packs/bladders
    • Clothing (for 5-7 people): Gloves, pedals, pedal shoes, helmets, extra super padded bike shorts, rain layer, shorts, tops, leg warmers, arm warmers, with brand
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