Encounter: Loch Jones & Sarah Rose

Loch and Sarah generously hosted a gathering for our team and the Pacific Wolf Coalition on their beautiful Devil’s Gate Ranch in Siskiyou County, California.

We were very fortunate to have connected with them. Wolf OR-7 likely crossed right through Loch and Sarah’s ranch along Butte Creek, which prompted Loch to begin researching what wolf recovery could mean to the area his family has lived in for generations. He came across our website and sent us an email inviting us over to his ranch for a chat and showers.

Originally, the town of Macdoel was not directly on our route, but as we adapted to various conditions, we unexpectedly found ourselves cycling right past a sign that announced our entrance to Macdoel, CA. We pulled our bikes from the road and decided to give Loch a call. Not twenty minutes later, he joined us on the side of the road and invited us to his ranch for a spontaneous visit. Loch’s stories of the land’s history and his ongoing work to balance the needs of his family, wildlife and cattle ranch continue to inspire us.

The highlight, however, was the spaghetti dinner Sarah managed to pull out of her hat on short notice topped by the most exquisite chocolate mousse ever that Loch made from a recipe given to him by Julia Child!