Encounter: Elissa and Lula

Elissa, a freelance writer and artist, joined us around the campfire to talk about her time volunteering at a Winter Wolf Study conducted by Doug Smith, a Senior Wildlife Biologis at Yellowstone National Park.

Winter was the best time to study the Yellowstone wolves because wolves are easier to spot and follow in snow. But some days, it would be so cold the park wouldn’t allow the researchers work. Elissa’s task was to locate wolf packs by radio collar signals and then watch them from a distance. She’d document wolf movements and the animals the wolves had preyed upon by taking tissue samples from the kill site. Many times the wolves followed a pattern: they were most active at dawn and/or dusk, eat very early in the morning if they had a successful hunt, and relax for most of the day.

Elissa also recommended giving “Legendary” radio segment by Snap Judgement a listen. Listen below.