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  • Wolf OR-7’s Journey in Photos From the Forest Floor

    Wolf OR-7’s Journey in Photos From the Forest Floor

    During the days we spent walking Wolf OR-7’s dispersal route, I found myself endlessly fascinated watching the landscape transform. Some transitions were stark, like exiting a tree line as we rode out of Malheur National Forest into the open expanses of the Harney Basin, a flat and sparse landscape. Other transitions were gradual, only noticeable over the […]
  • Wolf OR-7 News Roundup: New GPS Tracking Collar, Genetic Test Results, & Pack Designation

    Wolf OR-7 News Roundup: New GPS Tracking Collar, Genetic Test Results, & Pack Designation

    New information about Wolf OR-7 and his growing family of wolves have continued to create headlines throughout the end of this summer. Here's a roundup of recent articles and updates as we prepare for autumn and the coming winter.
  • TALES: The Wolf’s Eyelashes

    TALES: The Wolf’s Eyelashes

    There once lived a wealthy tradesman who had a daughter named Akiko. Akiko was generous and well-loved. Early in her life, her mother died and her father remarried a woman who was sharp-tongued and mean. Envy surged through every inch of the new wife’s soul. She tried to weaken Akiko’s grace and charm by ordering her to take on extra household tasks. Although the work loomed before her like an immense mountain, Akiko worked until it was done… and she still managed to greet visitors at the door with a smile and beggars with a bowl of rice.
  • European Wolf OR-7? Wolf Makes 1,200-Mile Dispersal

    European Wolf OR-7? Wolf Makes 1,200-Mile Dispersal

    “Incredible journey: one wolf’s migration across Europe” reads like a great companion to the story of Wolf OR-7. A Slovenian wolf dispersed from his pack in 2011, traveled an estimated 2,000 km (roughly 1,200 miles) and crossed the Austrian Alps, and is now known to have a mate and growing pack in Italy. What can we […]
  • TALES: Tsarevich Ivan and Grey Wolf

    TALES: Tsarevich Ivan and Grey Wolf

    Once upon a time there was a Tsar named Berendei, and he had three sons, the youngest of whom was called Ivan. Now the Tsar had a beautiful garden with an apple-tree in it that bore golden apples. One day the Tsar found that somebody was visiting his garden and stealing his golden apples. The Tsar was very unhappy about this. He sent watchmen into the garden, but they were unable to catch the thief.
  • Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    Reflection: Wolves in the 21st Century

    The Wolf OR-7 Expedition team retraced Wolf OR-7’s dispersal route from NE Oregon into California to explore the challenges facing a wolf in the 21st century. As part of the team, I walked and cycled across mountain wilderness, public rangelands and busy highways and wondered how the region has changed since my great, great grandfather […]
  • Special Thanks for the Extra Help Along the Way

    Special Thanks for the Extra Help Along the Way

    On any expedition there are the team members out on trail bracing against the elements and challenges, but there are many others behind the scenes that make that possible. Our team support grew the further we went. Volunteers brought food and offered educational and social media support, even sponsoring our fuel and the use of the logistics […]
  • Expedition Report

    Expedition Report

    A Journey of Surprises Who could have guessed that the day we set out on the Wolf OR-7 Expedition news would arrive announcing Oregon’s lone Wolf OR-7 had found a mate? And then, although we had thought about it and speculated, we did not expect to hear the day we entered into OR-7’s new home […]
  • Wildlife Tracking as a Tool for Wild Peace

    Wildlife Tracking as a Tool for Wild Peace

    From our bicycles, we could see the disturbance left by the large paws of a bear on the dirt road beneath our tires. I stepped off my bike to get a closer look. The bear was walking in the same direction we were riding. Bear tracks at a glance look remarkably human, this bear’s feet […]
  • Stereotyped


    We did it too. We set out to meet with “ranchers,” “hunters,” “environmentalists,” “biologists” and “tribal members” and found that everyone we encountered identified with two or more of these titles. We met biologists who hunt deer and elk, ranchers who protect wildlife, environmentalists who grew up on cattle ranches, and tribal wildlife managers who […]
  • Common Ground

    Common Ground

    Our expedition set out to explore wolf country from Wallowa County to Lassen County on Wolf OR-7’s heels with our own two feet. We were duly warned that the subject of wolves in the Northwest is so polarized that both anti-wolf and pro-wolf camps have received offensive threats from the other. We questioned our own […]
  • To Walk in the Wake of a Wolf – Poem

    To Walk in the Wake of a Wolf – Poem

    I wrote this just before crossing the California border back into Oregon again. It is dedicated to my team members: Rachael, David, Daniel, Jay, Michelle, and Wolf OR-7. To walk in the wake of a wolf is to walk into the silence of stealth and the feast of fearlessness, it is to fight for yourself and […]
  • Cascade-Siskiyou Biodiversity Hotspot

    Cascade-Siskiyou Biodiversity Hotspot

    The final two days of the expedition saw our team walking once more from California into the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon. It was immediately apparent that we were in a rich bio-diverse region. The pine forests gave way to mixed pine, oak and a vast array of flowering plants. The rolling hills covered […]
  • Meeting the Pacific Wolf Coalition

    Meeting the Pacific Wolf Coalition

    Devil’s Gate Ranch is a different kind of ranch in California encompassing Orr Mountain where it is believed Wolf OR-7 crossed on his way back to the border with Oregon, owned by Loch Jones and Sara Rose-Jones, whose history with the land stretches back many generations.. Today they are exploring how to support both cattle […]
  • Encounter: Loch Jones & Sarah Rose

    Encounter: Loch Jones & Sarah Rose

    Loch and Sarah generously hosted a gathering for our team and the Pacific Wolf Coalition on their beautiful Devil’s Gate Ranch in Siskiyou County, California. We were very fortunate to have connected with them. Wolf OR-7 likely crossed right through Loch and Sarah’s ranch along Butte Creek, which prompted Loch to begin researching what wolf recovery could […]
  • Lassen County and the Sojourns of Wolf OR-7

    Lassen County and the Sojourns of Wolf OR-7

    For a number of months in 2012 Wolf OR-7 called the open fields and lava beds of Lassen County home. During his stay he moved extensively amongst cow fields and forest cover, drawing huge circles on the map that tracked his GPS position. We entered Lassen County on a hot Sunday afternoon, cycling through small […]
  • Bordering Home

    Bordering Home

    Riding west towards Iron Gate Reservoir on the Klamath River along the CA / OR border, Dave Moskowitz stopped us mid-track and asked which side of the border we thought we were on. I really couldn’t say, there was no difference between the dry oak savannah to the South and the dry oak savannah to […]
  • Meiss Lake (Panorama)

    Meiss Lake (Panorama)

    The bed of Meiss Lake stretches before us—transformed to a dry grass plane in the parched summer heat. Across this ocean of grass we drift, dreaming of wolves, chasing our tails back round towards Oregon and our journey’s end.
  • Here’s why we love our sponsors:

    Here’s why we love our sponsors:

    1. Without sponsors many important and inspiring expeditions would not happen. 2. A sponsor not only provides vital funding and equipment, but also a network of support, encouragement and good advice. 3. Sponsorship is a way for companies, individuals and foundations to give back to places and people that make their work profitable in the […]
  • Mount Shasta from Devil’s Gate Ranch (Panorama)

    Mount Shasta from Devil’s Gate Ranch (Panorama)

    A view of Mount Shasta from Devil’s Gate Ranch. Loch Jones, the Rancher, maintains his property both for cattle and as a wildlife refuge. Birds frequent the lake in his back yard, nesting on the small island at its center, and beavers make dams in the rivers and brush beyond.
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