Another Wolf Disperses to California, Says CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

wolf-canid-tracks-june2015Over three years after Wolf OR-7 made history as the first known, wild wolf to enter California since 1924, California Department of Fish and Wildlife have stated they have evidence that another wolf may have dispersed to California’s Siskiyou County. Their statement relies on evidence from trail cameras and tracks found on a roadside.

The striking difference between this wolf to Wolf OR-7 is that Wolf OR-7 had a GPS-tracking collar around his neck. This wolf, of unknown gender, will be much tricker to keep tabs on as California Department of Fish and Wildlife relies on wildlife cameras, tracking, scat analysis, and public sightings information to locate it.

To report a sighting of a suspected wolf in California, visit

Wolves in California are currently listed for protection under the Federal Endangered Species Act and the California Endangered Species Act, which wolves were added in June 2014. As for the future management of wolves in California, the California Wolf-Livestock Stakeholder Subgroup is currently working with the CADFW in the development of the state’s Wolf Management Plan. Currently, California is operating by the “Federal/State Wolf Coordination Plan for Gray Wolf Activity in California.”