1,200 miles in the tracks of a lone wolf.

1,200 Miles + 42 Days + 1 Lone Wolf's journey in celebration of wolf coexistence.

In just 4 short weeks, our expedition team of scientists, teachers, trackers and documentary filmmakers will be following a lone wolf's 1,200 mile dispersal route, in support of improved human and wolf coexistence. We are collecting stories from the landscape, engaging with wolf-experts and wolf-affected communities to share through diverse educational media the possibility of good neighborliness with wild species.

We will retrace the approximate GPS track created by the young male wolf tagged OR-7, who became the first and only recorded wild wolf in the state of California in nearly 90 years. National and international media reported his remarkable journey to give him a place in our history books.

Our aim with the expedition is to raise awareness of local strategies that make on-the-ground strides toward human-wolf coexistence in the Pacific Northwest.


1 wild wolf.

Wolf OR-7 has been called a rogue, hero, killing machine, and school children have named him “Journey”. No matter what we call him, he is a testament to the powerful impulse of survival. His story raises many questions about wolves returning to their historic rangelands.

1,200 miles.

From the Eagle Cap Wilderness in N.E. Oregon, west to Crater Lake, and south to Mount Shasta in California, we will follow Wolf OR-7’s 2011 dispersal route. Wolf OR-7 traveled up to 30 miles a day with stealth and only the fur on his back. As less-adept survivalists, we will need resupply points and will bike between public lands.

42 days.

We will take our first steps in May 2014 and push into California six weeks later. Keep track of our adventures over rugged lands with tales of the challenges we may face via six weekly Expedition Journal updates. For more up-to-the-minute updates, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

5 humans.

You might know how the joke goes… "a filmmaker, wolf ecologist, storyteller, multimedia documenter and adventurer go for a walk in wolf country…" Well, that’s us! We are a team from diverse backgrounds, excited to step into the tracks of a lone wolf, with a common aim in the name of adventure, education and fun.

Wild Peace and Coexistence

As a Wild Peace Alliance project we encourage collaboration between all community members living with the challenges of human-wildlife coexistence. We will be asking ourselves and communities what can human-wolf coexistence look like?

Education Through Adventure

We are championing storytelling events, a documentary and multimedia content to better our understanding of wolves. We are all learning on this adventure and invite you to submit your questions about wolf-human coexistence and engage with us.

Tracking and Research

We will use our experience as ecologists and wildlife trackers to conduct a rough biological survey of wildlife and wildlife habitat along Wolf OR-7’s travel route as we go, using CyberTracker Conservation software, we will create a multimedia digital map of the wildlife tracks we encounter.

Celebrate Collaboration

Ask for opinions on wolves in wolf country and you will hear everything between "this is no place for wolves" to "this is no place for humans." Oregon has shown us that by including a diversity of views at the table collaborative management plans can be effective.
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